Getting crafty

So I’ve been getting my craft on again. It’s been a long absence, I’ve missed it. But when you’re a new mama, and overwhelmed. A lot of things find their way to the back burner.
I have picked the hook back up. Crocheting is something my grandmother taught me, a few years before she passed. It is one thing that I can say she gave to me. And I hope that my wee one will take up the cause as well.

As you see she already gives it a go. But she’ll pretty much do anything I do at this point.


Yes it’s been a lot of owls, they seem to be all the rage. And well they are cute too.
I find it a bit relaxing to do. Unless I have to read patterns. They drive me fuckingmad.


6 thoughts on “Getting crafty

  1. You made these? Do you have an Etsy shop where you sell them? Because I’d love an owl hat for my son this coming winter. Adorable!

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