Water babe


Water babe

What ever makes her happy


Getting crafty

So I’ve been getting my craft on again. It’s been a long absence, I’ve missed it. But when you’re a new mama, and overwhelmed. A lot of things find their way to the back burner.
I have picked the hook back up. Crocheting is something my grandmother taught me, a few years before she passed. It is one thing that I can say she gave to me. And I hope that my wee one will take up the cause as well.

As you see she already gives it a go. But she’ll pretty much do anything I do at this point.


Yes it’s been a lot of owls, they seem to be all the rage. And well they are cute too.
I find it a bit relaxing to do. Unless I have to read patterns. They drive me fuckingmad.

Nine months

Today my beautiful heart turned nine months.

It’s been a crazy month for us. So many new things. Her world seems to be expanding at a rapid pace. I’m still in awe everything that has taken place in such a short period.
She is moving around the house at warp speed now. It’s kind of nice that she can come to me now. I know how selfish of me. It didn’t take her long after the crawling started for her to be pulling up on everything.

Here she is letting me know that the TV is dusty.
With all this moving, it just seems I have absolutely no time for myself. You can’t leave the busy bee alone for a second. Because she will find something to get into. Or put in her mouth. Yes I now have my own personal human roomba.
We finally have bottom teeth. It took long enough. Phewf. But not two weeks later the screaming started all over again. I don’t know if she feels like she is behind or something. But low and behold, four new top teeth just below the surface. Her left top front has made a slight appearance. But I can see the other three. And my god can I hear them.
Needless to say sleeping has been a bitch this last month. She wakes a million times in the night. Some mornings I don’t know if I’m coming or going. And no amount of coffee seems to help my plight.
Top it off we had our first sickness a week ago. From Friday to Monday she had a fever. It climbed to just over 103. Of course it worried the hell out of me. I thought that teething could be a part of it. But apparently as per the quack doctor. Fever is not associated with teething any more???!!! He figured it was roseola. Which I guess is pretty common. He said once the fever breaks. She would get a rash, which she did. Thankfully it was a very uneventful rash. The only upside of it was. I got to have a super cuddly bubba for a few days.

Thank you for the last nine months my sweet girl. Even if you refuse to get changed or dressed any more and scream and cry like I’m killing you. For my sloppy open mouth kisses, when I ask for them. For wanting to touch every tree, wall, poll, window. Oh hell everything when we are on a walk. To being a big help turning lights on and off. For filling my heart with so much love. For picking me as your momma. Love you baby girl


Wordless Wednesday

Now that she is proficient in the crawling department. Be still my heart. She is trying to pull up on everything. Was it not just yesterday that you just wanted to lay in my arms and sleep?
Why does the first year have to go at super speed?
Don’t get me wrong I love watching her grow. It’s amazing to me. But please slow it down just a bit?


Wordless Wednesday

I know I said wordless. But I should explain my absence. It won’t last for long, as this helps me keep my sanity. Thanks to everyone who still sticks around, and reads my ramblings.


When my niece was in town, we decided to go to the aquarium. It was the first time for all of us. The wee Miss LOVED it, mind you so did we.


Yes call the authorities, I co-sleep. At first due to the stigma that seems to surround bed sharing. I kept my mouth shut and told no one. I’ve witnessed backlash from non attachment parents.
Now I’m so much stronger in my beliefs, and parenting style. That I will tell anyone.

I’ve never seen anything wrong with a family bed. I know there are studies that say, it’s a cause of SIDS. But really any unexplained death, they blame on SIDS. If you practice safe bed sharing you shouldn’t have any problems. Family bed checklist

Sure, it not for everyone or every baby. Many parents find they don’t sleep as well. Or baby wakes at every movement or sound. This is where I would suggest you still keep your child close. Studies have shown that, even just having your child in a crib in the same room promotes almost the same closeness.

I don’t know if I find it all easier being a single mum doing this style of parenting. Or that it might be that she very well could be my only child. And I want to be as close to her for as long as possible. But it works for us.

I’m always curious about others parenting styles. What works and doesn’t varies from house to house. I think I pull from many different places. But I’m rooted in attachment.


Photo day

It was another lovely day here on the right coast. Nothing like the left coast has been having. None the less, the wee one and I took a jaunt.

And here are a few sights we saw.

I love crows… So I’m always happy when I can get a good shot of one


We passed a protest for the oil pipe line


Saw a ladybug on a lion head.


And of course, we must have a picture of the wee miss. She is the one after all points things out to me