Just Me

Just an unconventional girl, living in an unconventional world. First time mum, to a wonderful daughter, doing it solo.

This is not how I saw my life at 35, but everything happens for a reason right?! I said RIGHT?! I’m trying to keep my sanity so this is why I’m here. And a way for the wee one to mayhap look back and realize I was always trying to do the best for her. Sometimes at the expensive of my own mind and personal hygiene.



12 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. I LOVE your picture, the hands gripping on the belly. It is great.

    Wow, first time Mum & doing it solo. I SO relate! How lovely of you to drop by – thank you. I see your title says “Ramblings from a single mum” – you know, I wish “single mum” was one of the tags because I love reading what other single mothers experience, feel. In real life, when my son was young, I wasn’t in mother’s clubs or the like. I had great problems with confidence – GREAT problems, and felt very inadequate alongside other mothers. So now, even though I can only engage with other mothers online, I am interested. I will definitely drop in again, & see when you have a few words up. You must be new … WELCOME πŸ™‚

    • Yes I agree, I’ll have to start putting single mum as a tag.. I always try to connect with other single mums when ever I can. We can relate better to each other. Then anyone else can,

  2. I like how you said this is something your little one can look back on and see how much you cared. I was just thinking the other day how weird it might be when my son grows up and looks back to my Facebook wall (if Facebook even exists then and doesn’t go by way of Myspace) and sees all these posts from when he was a baby. It’ll be very interesting to see how the social media impacts the way children in the future view themselves and their beginnings.

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