There is no crying in baseball

Funny how a movie from the early 90’s can still produce one liners. For some reason, myself and one of my friends say this to her. And funny enough it does make her stop, even for a moment. As if to ask, why are you telling me not to cry. I want to damn it and I will.

Last week was a hum dinger. She was going through a rough teething period. The worst yet.

Hey tooth fairy… Send this girl a tooth please!!


Baby, you got my number….

Oh this wee one, she has me wrapped around her finger. Hell she did the moment I first felt her kick. This last week has been one for the books. Its like having a newborn all over again. And I’m at my wits end for what its all about.

Oooh and now that she is rolling, its opened a whole new can of worms. I’ve never seen someone so happy that she accomplished something. And two minutes later so absoultly pissed off. I think this is only because she can’t get to what she wants. So she screams, and its horrible frustration screams. I try not to let her scream it out for long. But I do want her to try and figure things out for herself.

She screams louder…. I’m sure saying look woman just pick me up damit.

And of course I do. And it then takes five minute to get her settled back down. So I now have a child that I put down to play, and the first thing she does is roll over. Because hey I can why shouldn’t I. What use to be my saving grace to be able to wash dishes, or whip up a quick meal is now gone.

Learning is hard…..

And the fact that her poor little mouth hurts.. Cut a fucking tooth please I beg. Each morning I hope that a tiny pearly white will be looking back at me. She drools like a champ, chews on anything she can fit in her mouth. And even if she can she tries anyway. And then screams as she does it.

My wee one that just a week ago was hardly sleeping is now taking more naps. In my arms I might add, not wanting to be put down much at all. And if I do…. Yup you guessed it, she screams. Not that I’m complaining about the extra cuddles. And feeding oh lord, now we want to feed more. And not always a full feed. Sometimes just enough to calm her down.

I just hope this too will pass…




So it seems the wee one has started the hard task of cutting her first chicklets. It seems a bit early to me, she is only 16 weeks today. They do say babies all develop at their own pace. Can you believe that some babies have been born with one already. Bet that makes for fun first time nursing. Oh crap, I forgot I have that to look forward to as well. Can’t be much worse than her grinding her gums on my nipples right now.

We have our good days and our bad days…. I know I have many, MANY more days like this. She has 20 to pop up, but lets just get through the first one. And see how we fare. Some days I can’t get her settled, other days it seems less horrible for her.

I think orajel is a bit of a joke. It seems to do nothing for her, and it really doesn’t last that long anyway. I don’t like to use it for many reasons… It really is a powerful numbing agent. Swallowing too much is very harmful, you might not be able to get it where it needs to go. It can make nursing hard if it numbs her lips.  Tylenol seems to work, but I don’t want to give it to her very often, unless its one of the days with a fever. Drugs are only going to mask it and its a drug for heaven sakes. She is so tiny, I hate having to do it. She does let me massage it with her finger tooth-brush thingy.

She wants to chew on everything, and anything. The drool is outstanding, the fussiness my favorite. But the pouty face she makes, oh its enough to break your heart. She pulls in her lower lip and sucks the dickens out of it

I went and got her a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. We will see how it works. I am always willing to try anything that is noninvasive and drug free.

What else has anyone used or done to help ease the pain? Hers and mine!