Yes call the authorities, I co-sleep. At first due to the stigma that seems to surround bed sharing. I kept my mouth shut and told no one. I’ve witnessed backlash from non attachment parents.
Now I’m so much stronger in my beliefs, and parenting style. That I will tell anyone.

I’ve never seen anything wrong with a family bed. I know there are studies that say, it’s a cause of SIDS. But really any unexplained death, they blame on SIDS. If you practice safe bed sharing you shouldn’t have any problems. Family bed checklist

Sure, it not for everyone or every baby. Many parents find they don’t sleep as well. Or baby wakes at every movement or sound. This is where I would suggest you still keep your child close. Studies have shown that, even just having your child in a crib in the same room promotes almost the same closeness.

I don’t know if I find it all easier being a single mum doing this style of parenting. Or that it might be that she very well could be my only child. And I want to be as close to her for as long as possible. But it works for us.

I’m always curious about others parenting styles. What works and doesn’t varies from house to house. I think I pull from many different places. But I’m rooted in attachment.