Star Wars

Yup I’m a geek, I like star wars. It’s like a car crash when ever its on T.V I can’t look away. I’ve seen them all a million times, but as I flip mindlessly through channels. And come across Yoda, that’s it I’m useless until it’s over.

I mean the wee ones name would have been Anakin if she was a boy. Yes Darth Vader. The force is strong with this one, I can feel it. Needless to say I find myself shopping in the boys section at stores to find things for her. And I don’t care. I don’t have to dress her in pink all the freaking time. I came across this onesie the other day, and couldn’t resist.

The force is stong with this one

And hell she looks pretty damn cute in it too!


Baby legs

I don’t plug things unless I’m super impressed by the product/place/and or thing. But that rule has flown out the window, now that I’m a mom. I’m absolutely in love with Baby legs, the product. And yes my baby’s legs too!

These leg/arm warmers are AMAZING. Not only do they make change time a breeze. They will last her well into her toddler years, save those knees when she starts crawling. God no no crawling yet. They fit from ankle to hip, which is great. This way I can make use of all of these onesies, during the winter months.

They come in so many different flavors. They look great like I said with onesies, under dresses, as an extra layer. It has become a bit of an obsession with me now. I think I buy a new pair every week. I also think I’m a bit jealous, I want to wear them. An I can, but just on my arms. haha yes I tried it, and it works! They are not just for girls either, they have many styles for the handsome boys in your life. Along with the baby legs, they carry socks, and tights. And many of them come in organic. And don’t forget to check out the clearance section on their website. Some great buys, buy your holiday baby legs for next season for cheap cheap!!

If you add them on facebook.They have exclusive deals for their Facebook fans. Be careful you will become addicted.

This is the pair I bought today. They are of the super soft variety.