Baby Schedules?!

Am I the worlds worst mum, or just stupid? I don’t really have Miss Adelayde on any type of schedule, is this wrong of me? All I keep hearing about or reading about lately is sleep schedule this wake schedule that.This is why she doesn’t sleep through the night, you haven’t trained her to do so.

Ummm last time I checked I had a daughter, not a dog.

I mean we do pretty much wake up around the same time every morning. Lately its been about 6:30-7am, I change her and then feed her in bed. Hoping beyond hope that she might fall back asleep for a little bit. That never happens. So we move out into the living room, and I put her on her mat for a bit of play time. I’d say about 9ish she is ready for a bit of a nap. It only ends up being a shorty maybe an hour. And yes I do have to rock her to sleep. If I don’t she would never sleep, so yes I spoil her as most would say. She feeds about every three hours still.

Who the hell am I kidding, she feeds when she wants to. Perhaps I make my boobs to available. Ha I’m sure a few boy friends would have liked me to make them as accessible to them as I do to her. I hear of people who give them a soother, the child not the boy friend. To stave off a feeding, I can’t do that. And why would you do that? Is that normal to do? Once again am I living under a rock and know nothing about these silly tricks if you want to call them that. God forbid she miss out on eating! I say she likes to eat because she was so small at birth, she is just trying to catch up. Or maybe it’s just because I love to feed her too. It’s OUR time, ha all the time is our time. But when you breastfeed its just a special time, and the feel good hormones are a bonus too!

I try with some success to get her to sleep between 8-9pm. Doesn’t always work, it was for a bit. Then everything changed, her sleeping and eating. I say growth spurt. So about 11-12 she has her last feed before real bedtime. That is when she actually gets put into her bassinet or in bed with me. (yes I do co-sleep from time to time… But that’s a whole other post) And then the night-time feeds begin. About every three hours, sometimes I’ll luck out and get four hours. I do the feeds in bed, not lying down. I never could master that. And the fact my mattress is older than me I’m sure, so it sags a bit in the middle so we can’t do the side feed. I’m sure that would save on time and sleep. But we can’t do things the easy way. Most of the time I do the nod. You know, like you do when you are falling asleep somewhere you shouldn’t. And you chin hits your chest, and it jolts you awake.

And then the dance of the two of us starts all over. We don’t go out every day, and I wouldn’t want to make it the same time. Somethings you just can’t plan I say….

But am I really the only one who isn’t rigid with her child? Sorry if you are, I’m not knocking schedules. I know she needs some routine. So then I guess yes I am a terrible mum. Bad mummy bad…