Sooo close

Nope still not going inA follow-up to an older post bath time (un)fun. This was as close as I could get her to getting into the water. The rubber ducky almost got her, almost. She still will have nothing to do with a bath.

I think people think that I’m kidding. I think my sister realizes what a pickle I’m in. She helped me when I was there for Christmas. She howled and freaked out of course.

I’ve been trying everything, the bathroom sink. Nope, and I even just kept her shirt and diaper on. Thinking that I could trick her… Oh funny mommy, you are fooling no one. As soon as her feet and calf’s hit the water, her face contorted into the squeal of fear.

Thought at the suggestion of my sister, that maybe she doesn’t like to have her head wet. Lean her over the sink and wet her head and get her use to the water. That not such a big deal.

So once again I’m back to sponge baths for now… Le Sigh, I really hope that this is just a phase.

But seriously who doesn’t like baths… oh wait yes my daughter 😦