Nine months

Today my beautiful heart turned nine months.

It’s been a crazy month for us. So many new things. Her world seems to be expanding at a rapid pace. I’m still in awe everything that has taken place in such a short period.
She is moving around the house at warp speed now. It’s kind of nice that she can come to me now. I know how selfish of me. It didn’t take her long after the crawling started for her to be pulling up on everything.

Here she is letting me know that the TV is dusty.
With all this moving, it just seems I have absolutely no time for myself. You can’t leave the busy bee alone for a second. Because she will find something to get into. Or put in her mouth. Yes I now have my own personal human roomba.
We finally have bottom teeth. It took long enough. Phewf. But not two weeks later the screaming started all over again. I don’t know if she feels like she is behind or something. But low and behold, four new top teeth just below the surface. Her left top front has made a slight appearance. But I can see the other three. And my god can I hear them.
Needless to say sleeping has been a bitch this last month. She wakes a million times in the night. Some mornings I don’t know if I’m coming or going. And no amount of coffee seems to help my plight.
Top it off we had our first sickness a week ago. From Friday to Monday she had a fever. It climbed to just over 103. Of course it worried the hell out of me. I thought that teething could be a part of it. But apparently as per the quack doctor. Fever is not associated with teething any more???!!! He figured it was roseola. Which I guess is pretty common. He said once the fever breaks. She would get a rash, which she did. Thankfully it was a very uneventful rash. The only upside of it was. I got to have a super cuddly bubba for a few days.

Thank you for the last nine months my sweet girl. Even if you refuse to get changed or dressed any more and scream and cry like I’m killing you. For my sloppy open mouth kisses, when I ask for them. For wanting to touch every tree, wall, poll, window. Oh hell everything when we are on a walk. To being a big help turning lights on and off. For filling my heart with so much love. For picking me as your momma. Love you baby girl




So it seems the wee one has started the hard task of cutting her first chicklets. It seems a bit early to me, she is only 16 weeks today. They do say babies all develop at their own pace. Can you believe that some babies have been born with one already. Bet that makes for fun first time nursing. Oh crap, I forgot I have that to look forward to as well. Can’t be much worse than her grinding her gums on my nipples right now.

We have our good days and our bad days…. I know I have many, MANY more days like this. She has 20 to pop up, but lets just get through the first one. And see how we fare. Some days I can’t get her settled, other days it seems less horrible for her.

I think orajel is a bit of a joke. It seems to do nothing for her, and it really doesn’t last that long anyway. I don’t like to use it for many reasons… It really is a powerful numbing agent. Swallowing too much is very harmful, you might not be able to get it where it needs to go. It can make nursing hard if it numbs her lips.  Tylenol seems to work, but I don’t want to give it to her very often, unless its one of the days with a fever. Drugs are only going to mask it and its a drug for heaven sakes. She is so tiny, I hate having to do it. She does let me massage it with her finger tooth-brush thingy.

She wants to chew on everything, and anything. The drool is outstanding, the fussiness my favorite. But the pouty face she makes, oh its enough to break your heart. She pulls in her lower lip and sucks the dickens out of it

I went and got her a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. We will see how it works. I am always willing to try anything that is noninvasive and drug free.

What else has anyone used or done to help ease the pain? Hers and mine!