Little buddy



Yes I know people don’t always want to see pictures of placentas. But hey I like to share. And yes this one is mine, or should I say my daughters.

Photo courtesy of Jozi Grant Photography


My midwife experience

I knew from a very young age that if I was ever to have children. That I would want it witnessed by a midwife. I researched all the local midwives in my area, and settled on It is a decision that I will never forget. You are put with a team of three, mine was the red team. This consisted of Kat, Yarra, and Marijke

I still can not find words that can express my gratitude or admiration for these women. They are working in, as far as I’m concerned the noblest of professions. The job of baby catching!. From the very first meeting I was put at ease and made to feel like I was their only pregnant momma.

I’m coming up on my last appointment, and it’s almost breaking my heart. I’ve spent almost a year with these wonderful women. They have mentored me, helped me through some rough times. Gave me every resource that I could need or want. Held my hand, were a well needed shoulder for me to cry on. And the best gift of all, they handed me my daughter. They have kept me longer than most. Because they knew I’ve been a bit unstable. Which has meant the world to me. They made me feel like I wasn’t crazy, even when I’ve felt sometimes that I was.

I’m scared of not being able to call on them when I don’t know what to do. To hear that reassuring voice say you are doing fine, you can do this. Really just to see them. Because they have made me feel like family, and I consider them to be a part of my new family.

I’m forever grateful, and I will never ever forget any of them. And when Adelayde is older, she will hear the story of her birth. And the spectacular women who helped me bring her into this world.

This is my baby catcher, and not only is she holding my heart. She is a piece of my heart. I know thank you is not enough. But thank you for everything. I recommend to everyone and anyone to consider a midwife for your birth. It is something that will change your life, your heart, and your mind.

Introducing Adelayde

Well I guess its time to introduce the reason for me starting this blog. My beautiful daughter Adelayde. It took me 40 weeks 5 days to cook this beauty up. And over 48 hours labor to literally launch her into this world. This photo was taken when she was two days old. She was my tiny little nugget, only 5lbs 6oz. It will be two months on Monday that she has become my walking heart. And I can’t imagine life without her.

Any man can be a father, but it takes something special to be a mother!

Birth photography

I was lucky enough to have a birth photographer present during my labor and delivery. This wasn’t something that had really crossed my mind. But my wonderful midwife (whom I’ll tell you about in another post) suggested it. She sent me details of this amazing woman, whom I’m pleased to call my friend Jozi.

She welcomed me into her home for a meeting to see if we meshed. The moment I walked into her home I felt at ease and relaxed. As we sipped tea she explained to me how she came about doing birth photography. And the process in which she would conduct herself. She promised me that she would be as inconspicuous as I wanted or needed her to be. And at anytime I could ask her to stop. I started to get excited to have a permanate record of the day my daughter took her first breath. She asked that I call her when I started my labor, at least when my contractions were somewhat regular. As she did like to get some pictures of that process as well.

When the time came Jozi was there, I think it was stupid o’clock in the morning. But she arrived coffee in hand and a smile on her face. I was thankful she brought not only her camera, but her sense of humor as well.

This is a blog she posted after the fact. And hell follow her too. She is pretty amazing!