Birth photography

I was lucky enough to have a birth photographer present during my labor and delivery. This wasn’t something that had really crossed my mind. But my wonderful midwife (whom I’ll tell you about in another post) suggested it. She sent me details of this amazing woman, whom I’m pleased to call my friend Jozi.

She welcomed me into her home for a meeting to see if we meshed. The moment I walked into her home I felt at ease and relaxed. As we sipped tea she explained to me how she came about doing birth photography. And the process in which she would conduct herself. She promised me that she would be as inconspicuous as I wanted or needed her to be. And at anytime I could ask her to stop. I started to get excited to have a permanate record of the day my daughter took her first breath. She asked that I call her when I started my labor, at least when my contractions were somewhat regular. As she did like to get some pictures of that process as well.

When the time came Jozi was there, I think it was stupid o’clock in the morning. But she arrived coffee in hand and a smile on her face. I was thankful she brought not only her camera, but her sense of humor as well.

This is a blog she posted after the fact. And hell follow her too. She is pretty amazing!