Wordless Wednesday

Now that she is proficient in the crawling department. Be still my heart. She is trying to pull up on everything. Was it not just yesterday that you just wanted to lay in my arms and sleep?
Why does the first year have to go at super speed?
Don’t get me wrong I love watching her grow. It’s amazing to me. But please slow it down just a bit?



We be rolling

So the evolution of the wee one continues. She started to roll over by herself yesterday. I can hardly believe how fast she is growing.

She gets so angry once she is on her tummy, because she can’t get to the toys that she wants. I told her that she needs to learn things one at a time. She is not a horse, she can’t run right away. And I’m thankful for that. She hasn’t figured out that when you get tired of being on your tummy. You should just lay your head down, or roll back to your back. Silly tater tot