Bath time (un)fun

Doesn’t she look happy? Oh that face will fool you at every turn. I always thought ooh I can’t wait to give her baths. How fun and relaxing it will be. A good just before bed routine, soooo not the case. She hates, and I mean HATES bath time. I thought that all kids loved it. Her first bath was okay, she tolerated it. I think it was more what is this new experience? But since then it has been a fight. I figured maybe it was the bath tub that my parents brought for me. It’s a weird angle, or I think so anyway. Maybe the water was not warm enough.

So each time I attempted the dreaded bath time I changed it up. I even decided bathing with her, it could relax her and make it more fun being with mummy.


She screams, and not a dainty girly scream. At the top of her lungs you are killing me kind of scream. I’m sure my neighbours think I am. So bath time has become the I don’t want to do it. Or the quickest bath in the entire world. The last few times I’ve just given her a sponge bath. That she is fine with. And I don’t run the risk of someone calling the cops on me for beating my child.

Could it be that once she can better sit on her own she will enjoy it? Or will I always be stuck with my little screamer? HELP