There is no crying in baseball

Funny how a movie from the early 90’s can still produce one liners. For some reason, myself and one of my friends say this to her. And funny enough it does make her stop, even for a moment. As if to ask, why are you telling me not to cry. I want to damn it and I will.

Last week was a hum dinger. She was going through a rough teething period. The worst yet.

Hey tooth fairy… Send this girl a tooth please!!

Six Months

Six Months

Where has six months gone already?!
Never has days and months passed so quickly.
It seems like only yesterday you were being placed on my chest. Now you are becoming more and more independent.

Every day you are filling my life, and heart with more joy and love then I ever thought possible.
Thank you for the best six months of my life. I can’t wait for the months ahead.

To sleep or not to sleep

Sometimes I wonder about this wee one. I will have weeks when she seems to have her own little time table. And others she could care less.
The other night she decided that she didn’t want to sleep. She wanted to read, ok chew her pooh book. And watch hockey with her momma.
And I know she is tired because it is the only time she will seek out her soother.
But make an attempt to put her to bed and she loses her mind.
I’m not one to force her to do anything. She will do it, what ever it is in her own time. It’s like anything with babies, they learn at their own pace. They eat when they want. Learn to crawl when they do.
Maybe I’m setting myself up for challenges in the future. Well that’s what my sister says anyway.
Until then, I guess some nights. I’ll have a partner to watch hockey with.


Why I love you Wednesday…

We don’t get to choose who our children are, they choose us. And each and every day since this wee one was born, I’m thankful. And so very very in love. I was in love with you even before you were born, just the thought of seeing you. Set the tears in motion, and the heart swelling…

And here you are….

I never dreamed it possible to love like this. I always heard that a mothers love is so very powerful. I just didn’t fathom how awe-struck I would be when you were first placed on my chest. And my love for you grows each and every day.

I love waking up in the morning when I hear you stir. When I look over, and you lock eyes with me. And you get the biggest smile, and all four limbs start flaying. As if to say MUMMY good morning, you’re awake, come snuggle me!. Even on nights when you haven’t let mummy sleep, this makes it worth while.

I love when you cover your head with anything in arms reach. And then huff and puff until I come find you. You squeal like mad, and do it all over again, and again..

I love how frustrated you get when you can’t do what you want to do. Like get to that toy, just out of your reach. Or that you are too short to get that toy in your mouth on your jungle gym. So you scream and then cry. Tears in your eyes you thrust your arms out. Mummy will soothe me, and I always do

I love that everyone always stops us in the street to say hello. And you and your stubbornness, give them your best serious look. As soon as they walk away you smile at me. As if to say hahaha I’m not a circus animal, I’m not going to smile because you ask me.

I love when you place your hands on my cheeks and pull me in. Only to rub all your slobber across my face.

I love you today, tomorrow, and for always. Each day brings tears to my eyes, and makes my heart swell. Thank you for picking me to be your mummy xo

Ooh you found me!

In solidarity…

The dictonary defines solidarity as the following. Union or fellowship arising from common responsibilities and interests, as between members of a group or between classes, peoples, etc.: to promote solidarity among union members. community of feelings, purposes, etc. community of responsibilities and interests.

This is how I feel every single Saturday since the start of the year. This single mum group is the highlight of my week. I look forward to gathering with these women and their babes/babes to be.

My experiences with mummy groups before this one was a story all in its own. I knew I needed to find one where I could at least have a common thread. I didn’t have to have become best friends with these people. But I needed to know I wasn’t alone.

My single mum group does this and so much more. I felt welcome the moment I walked in the door and took off my shoes. I wasn’t alone any longer, I was sitting surrounded by women who are struggling the same as me. Dealing with the same issues, crying the same tears. And I can actually see myself becoming life long friends with some of them.

There is no trying to have the better child, to one up the other mums. It’s all sharing and not comparing. It has done a world of good for my mental health. And I’m more than thankful.

We be rolling

So the evolution of the wee one continues. She started to roll over by herself yesterday. I can hardly believe how fast she is growing.

She gets so angry once she is on her tummy, because she can’t get to the toys that she wants. I told her that she needs to learn things one at a time. She is not a horse, she can’t run right away. And I’m thankful for that. She hasn’t figured out that when you get tired of being on your tummy. You should just lay your head down, or roll back to your back. Silly tater tot