Home is where you……(insert what you feel here)

Home is where you…. I can’t say where I live. Sure I do love it here, I moved here for a reason. And can’t say where my heart is, because it’s in two places. My daughter is my heart, and of course she lives with me. And there are tiny pieces of my heart scattered across this world. I believe that each person who has truly touched your heart, or played some deep role in it. Carries a tiny piece of your heart with them… Anywho I’m getting off topic.

I will always and forever call Calgary my home. And I’m really missing home today.

Bump in the tower

This picture was taken the last time I was home. It was July last year, and I was just over 30 weeks. Its seems like forever ago. Granted I was in Edmonton for Christmas, and got to see some of my family. But about half of my family hasn’t even met the wee one yet.

I do admit I’ve loved these almost 10 years, 12 hour drive away from the drama that is my family. But since I’ve had the wee one, I find myself dreaming of home.

It’s hard always having to go and take the wee one to visit his family, and do things with his family. Yes I know she needs to know his side too. I’m not saying that she wouldn’t and shouldn’t. It just makes me sad that she doesn’t get to spend as much time with mine.They see bits and pieces of her. Her image in a photo, or through the computer screen. But that is not the same as holding her. I want her to be able to recognize them, and not play strange. Because she only sees them once or twice a year. This is not how I wanted it to be.

It was great when she was born. I think I had over two years worth of my own family visits in the first two months. And I loved it, or shall I say WE loved it. My parents were here for a week, they came two days after she was born and stayed for a week. But they normally come in September anyway, so they got an added bonus that visit. Then my oldest niece and her girlfriend came for a few days. Then my brother and my oldest nephew came for almost a week. My brother comes out about once a year, well he has started to anyway. And my nephew has never come out before. And the one that has meant the most to me. Was my sister and one of my other wonderful nieces came for a week. Neither of them have ever come out since I moved here. And it made me so happy.

So I guess you could say I’m going through family withdrawal. My next visit, as far as I know. Will be in June, my parents always come out for my birthday. Sigh that is so far away. And not to forget the wonderful spectacular friends that are there. I’m missing them something awful too.

Someone… Anyone…. Come see us soon we miss you



Vancouver winters vs Calgary winters

Now I come from good hearty Canadian prairie stock. I grew up in Alberta, 26 wonderful years with the Rocky Mountains in my back yard. Any prairie folk knows winter. We know the snow drifts the wind chills, and the meaning of layers.

One of the main reasons I moved to the coast, was for the “warmer” winters. I had enough of the -30’s, and that was without the wind chill.

So on days like the last few here, I scoff at the complaints and whining. Don’t get me wrong wind chill here is a bit different. In Alberta you can bundle up and spend hours frolicking in the snow. Here it is a damp cold, that filters through each layer and nips at your unsuspecting skin. But still a wind chill of -14 is child’s play really. And the snow, don’t get me started. This isn’t snow this is a faint dusting of icing sugar atop a cake.

To top it off, it literally shuts this city down. Buses run at a snail’s pace if at all. Almost no one invests in winter tires. And it “snows” here every year. So the accidents are abundant. How quickly everyone forgets the last year when the same thing happened. Yes folks its called winter, and we live in Canada. It’s bound to happen.

The little Miss and I even left early for our doctor’s appointment to combat this rare occurence called winter. That didn’t even help I should have known better.

But the one thing that made me smile was as we were on the bus. We passed an elementary school. It was recces time, and in the playground was the smallest hill ever. But each child had a piece of cardboard. How wonderful that the simplest thing as cardboard can make someone so happy. They weren’t complaining like all the adults in the city. They were happy and carefree enjoying the icing sugar topped hill.