Tightening the purse strings

I can’t sleep. I sit here with the wee one peacefully unaware of my dilemma. I still have a few more months to weigh the pros and cons.
I really really do NOT want to return to work. I may be a tad old fashion, but I believe that a mothers place is with her children. I do realize that this is not always possible. But I’m going to try with all my power to make it happen.
Currently I’m on maternity leave, so I’m collecting EI. It has been a tough go. But it’s a million times better than welfare assistance. I think welfare is a dirty word. And a stigma is very much attached to it.
Yes that’s right I’m considering going on assistance to stay home and watch my only daughter grow. Judge me if you want.
Yes I’ve looked into applying for it. EI seems like a cake walk. As much as I’ve complained about how little they give you. Assistance is much, much less. I hate money, I’ve never been good with it. And I want to give her so much. I’m already living at the poverty level. If I take assistance, funny they call it that. I’ll be living far below it.
I’m torn. And it’s breaking my heart. I’d love to find a data entry work from home kinda thing. Finding a ligit one seems like a job in its self.
Sometimes I think that being a single mother is like having a massive Scarlett letter.


3 thoughts on “Tightening the purse strings

  1. Oh man, such a hard place to be in! I really value the time home with my son…and then my husband was basically forced to quit (we just learned now that he was denied unemployment) and I was forced to keep working. Now I have found that I love working, for the self-confidence it gives me, but my IDEAL would be something 20 hours a week (and that once he is done with school, that he will get a good job). I think taking assistance is better for you two than working at a job that doesn’t pay very much or makes you be away from lol miss for so long. Work from home jobs are still hard, though, I do some of mine from home and I feel more guilty that I can’t be holding potamus.

    My thoughts will be with you as you navigate this! We only get one chance to witness our babies growing up!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It sounds like you’re facing some tough decisions here. I can relate even though our circumstances are different. My husband and I have both been unemployed for the last 9 months or so — I thought with two of us we would be able to work and take turns caring for our daughter, but my chronic health problems have been flaring up. Thankfully we were able to move in with my parents to try and get through this period. But neither of us want to go out and get a different job because we both want to see our daughter growing up at this stage — probably something we should have discussed more before we got married 😉 Anyway, I have been looking at work-from-home options and came across this article: http://money.msn.com/frugal-living/post.aspx?post=12ba8398-9a7e-4749-a8e0-9791e683d654
    I’m not sure where you are located, but I thought I would pass it along just in case. Best of luck to you!

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