Yes call the authorities, I co-sleep. At first due to the stigma that seems to surround bed sharing. I kept my mouth shut and told no one. I’ve witnessed backlash from non attachment parents.
Now I’m so much stronger in my beliefs, and parenting style. That I will tell anyone.

I’ve never seen anything wrong with a family bed. I know there are studies that say, it’s a cause of SIDS. But really any unexplained death, they blame on SIDS. If you practice safe bed sharing you shouldn’t have any problems. Family bed checklist

Sure, it not for everyone or every baby. Many parents find they don’t sleep as well. Or baby wakes at every movement or sound. This is where I would suggest you still keep your child close. Studies have shown that, even just having your child in a crib in the same room promotes almost the same closeness.

I don’t know if I find it all easier being a single mum doing this style of parenting. Or that it might be that she very well could be my only child. And I want to be as close to her for as long as possible. But it works for us.

I’m always curious about others parenting styles. What works and doesn’t varies from house to house. I think I pull from many different places. But I’m rooted in attachment.



9 thoughts on “Co-sleeping

  1. <3! my son and I are in the same room, he in his crib and me in my bed. It's hard right now because we didn't start out sharing a room. There are pluses and minuses to sharing a room, I do hear his every move and am anxiuos that he'll wake, but in the morning when he crawls to the edge of his crib and peaks over at me and I roll over to say good morning…it's the cutest thing ever! Those sleepless moments at night make up for that one awesome wake up moment in the morning. I'm glad to hear it increases closeness! I hope jax and I will stay close! And I cherish every moment we have together.

    I often wonder when we go to sleeping apart how anxious I'll be when we're separate, since I'm use to being together now.

    thanks for sharing!

    • We tried so hard to do the crib thing. Because I felt so pressured by others. But Adelayde and I just couldn’t do it. She didn’t sleep well, and feeds a lot during the evening.
      And god knows I love to sleep.

  2. I’m so happy to see this post! I am a huge fan of co-sleeping & did so with both of my babies. I hate when I see other parents bashing co-sleeping because “It’s too risky” or “The bed is for my husband and I ONLY” blah blah. Enough is enough and I am proud to see moms who know the benefits & amazing sweetness of co-sleeping.:)

  3. We occasionally co-sleep, and it’s really more out of laziness than anything else 🙂 I think we would’ve been full-time co-sleepers if our little kiddo wasn’t such a restless sleeper.

  4. We co-sleep as well and I love it; I feel more connected to my baby and we both sleep better. We started at 6 months and have been doing it ever since.

  5. We bed share and I love it! I was worried that Boof wouldn’t be on board, but he totally is. With our king-size bed we fit the 3 of us and our dog. It is this lovely little nest off sleepy goodness.

  6. For the first 3 months and a little more of Alariks’ life, his crib was beside the bed and if we were alone, he was in the bed with me and I LOVE that time. We still share nap time during the day and I will cherish these times for as long as they last. He sleeps in his own bed during the night now because he is such a good sleeper, anywhere from 9 to 11 hours. As always, I think whatever works for you and your baby is all that matters and not what ‘everyone’ else says. I succumbed to a lot of that kind of pressure in the early days, but no more. I trust myself and my own instincts more now.

  7. Our bed is one big snuggle-nest, with me, Boof, Potamus, the semi-wild shitzu and his stuffed kitty….to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I see so many benefits that outweigh the danger in my mind, especially since babies die in cribs, too. But mostly the thought of my tiny little human all alone in a crib in a room by himself makes me sad. No other mammal exiles their children this young.

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