Fresh baby

I had the pleasure today to visit a new mum and her week old baby boy. Oh my heart, he weighed a pound more than the wee one when she was born. He felt as light as a feather in my arms. I guess after lugging around my 17.5 pounder, I forget.

Oh the sweet smell of newness, his little scrunched up face. Tight little fists for hands, all snuggled in his blanket. When he was placed in my arms, I took one look at him. And then lost it, and started crying.

He was just so beautiful, and small. And it made me realize how fast time flies. How it feels like only yesterday she was my tiny baby wrapped in a blanket.

Now I turn with this tiny man in my arms to look at my wee one. Who is sitting on this new mums lap. She is giving me the pouty lip, not impressed that I’m holding someone else. But I can’t help it I say, look. And I lean him down so she can peer in. Nope still not having it.. she starts to huff and puff.

So I give up this sweet tiny bundle, and scoop my beautiful daughter into my arms. Don’t worry I whisper, I love you.

3 thoughts on “Fresh baby

  1. For a mom nothing puts the swiftness of time in perspective like seeing a newborn. One glance at a new baby and I’m instantly transported back to a time when my son was that little. Lovely post!

  2. Hold her tight, memorize her, write it all down, take pictures.
    It is the greatest joy in life, I promise.
    But it flies, far faster than we old mothers can tell you…….

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