Can a Baby really be fat??

Wee one and her pal

I look at this picture and realize that maybe my wee one, isn’t that wee. To me she is perfect. But when we were getting our shots last week. The nurse basically said she was fat. Umm last time I checked babies were supposed be chubby. I was a chunk until I was five. They say she is short, but has some gurth to her. And they would have to keep an eye on that. To hell you will, she is happy and healthy. She likes to eat, so what? Once she starts crawling it will all work its self out. Yup she is my 17.5 pound pumpkin, and I love every roll, crease and crevasse.

I guess as her mother, I don’t realize how much she is growing. I took this photo at my single mum group. This is when I was all wow, maybe she is bigger than I thought. Her little pal is half a month behind her.





4 thoughts on “Can a Baby really be fat??

  1. Who doesn’t love a chubby baby?? Fuck that nurse, obviously a complete moron.
    Adelayde is perfect and beautiful and that’s all that matters 🙂

  2. Yeah, I had a maternal and child health nurse tell me that I was potentially killing my baby’s kidneys and other vital organs because she had gained 300 grams in a week, which was 100 grams over the recommended range. Such nurses (yours sounds the same!) give advice solely on observing statistics and fail to take into account other factors such as growth spurts, genetics, and the fact that statistical averages mean just that – averages. There will be big babies, and there will be small babies.

    I was paranoid for a fortnight, though.

    Your baby looks beautiful, healthy, and just right. Babies need fat for brain development. Which means you’re doing great.

  3. Dr’s are just that…Dr’s. They follow charts, recommendations, and periodicals. They do not follow individual children. They see our kids a few times a year (my kiddo hasn’t been since her last birthday a year ago). They don’t ‘know’ them. My paediatrician always told me my girl was underweight…shall I feed her sticks of cream cheese then? She is a perfectly healthy, happy, 4 yr old. She caught up. She’s smaller in stature, fine bones.
    Kids are kids, the most important thing is you are doing the best to ensure she is healthy…her genes will do the rest.

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